lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

LTLYM Assignment #6 :Make a poster of shadows

You may take pictures of the shadows or simply trace them. These solid shapes should then be drawn on paper and colored in with a single color. You are not interested in anything but the shadow itself, and you are most interested in shadows that don't look anything like the objects that created them; abstract shapes.. Choose either brown, pink, light green, orange or white. Use only one of these colors. If you would prefer you may cut out the shapes from colored paper. The shadows should appear on the page in a grid formation, in rows. Treat this like a index of shadows rather than a work of abstract art. The finished report should include 10-20 shadows and should be pasted on (or drawn on) white paper of any size (even if, especially if, the color you chose for your shadows was white.) Do not label this poster in any way, except to write your name and the date on the back. My god these are going to be beautiful.

Este primer assignment lo hice mal, no pude seguir simples instrucciones. Muy mal. Tuve que rehacerlo ya que no había respetado el color de las sombras. Usé color celeste. Empecé mal, pero esto no va a desalentarme, al contrario, me dan más ganas de hacer más proyectos.

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